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Important raw material for polyester industry: NPG

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Important raw material for polyester industry: NPG

Neopentyl glycol, also known as 2,2-Dimethyl-1,3-propanediol, abbreviated as NPG, cas 126-30-7, is a white crystalline solid, odorless and hygroscopic. It is readily soluble in water, lower alcohols, lower ketones, ethers and aromatic compounds.


Due to its characteristics of water resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, stability, etc., it plays a role in many chemical fields. Especially in the polyester industry, it has an important role. Its specific applications are as follows.

Coatings and resins: NPG can be used as a base material for coatings and resins to improve the durability, impact resistance, weatherability and chemical stability of coatings.

Plastics: NPG can be used to produce polyester resins, which can be made into high-performance plastic products, such as automotive and aircraft parts, electronic product housings, etc.

Pharmaceuticals: NPG is a drug intermediate, which can be used to synthesize some antibiotics, glucocorticoids and other drugs.

Food: NPG can be used as an artificial sweetener, which is sweeter than ordinary sugar and has no effect on teeth, so it is widely used in the food industry.

Other uses: NPG can also be used to produce lubricants, paint solvents, fireworks and gunpowder, etc.

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