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Cutting edge research in Fine Adipic Acid

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Cutting edge research in Fine Adipic Acid

Adipic acid, also known as Hexanedioic Acid, 1,6-HEXANEDIOIC ACID, cas 124-04-9. It is by far the most important aliphatic dicarboxylic acid in industrial production.

In recent years, adipic acid has become a new star in the field of lithium battery research. The application of fine adipic acid as anode material for lithium batteries has been widely studied and paid attention to. It has unique advantages over traditional cathode materials.


1. Improved battery performance: compared with traditional lithium-ion battery cathode materials, adipic acid can provide higher discharge capacity and more stable cycling performance, while reducing the internal resistance of the battery and improving the power density and energy density of the battery.

2. Enhance safety: adipic acid can reduce the risk of thermal runaway of lithium batteries because its chemical reaction in the battery is more stable, reducing the heat accumulation inside the battery, thus improving the safety of lithium batteries.

3. Cost reduction: Adipic acid does not require toxic substances and expensive raw materials in the preparation process, so it can significantly reduce production costs, providing strong support for the commercialization of lithium batteries.

4. Good compatibility: Adipic acid can be used with a variety of cathode materials (such as cobalt oxide, lithium cobaltate, etc.) and has good compatibility, so it can be widely used in different types of lithium batteries.

The application of adipic acid in the field of lithium batteries is expected to bring significant improvements to the performance and safety of lithium batteries, and provide more possibilities and options for the commercialization of lithium batteries. With the continuous development and improvement of related technologies, it is believed that the application of adipic acid in the field of lithium batteries will have a broader prospect.

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