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Production Process of Polyether MDI Prepolymer

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Production Process of Polyether MDI Prepolymer

Polyether MDI prepolymer is a widely used material for polyurethane foam manufacturing. The following is the basic process of polyether MDI prepolymer production:

Adding catalyst: Raw materials such as PTMEG, BDO, HDO are mixed in a reactor, and then a catalyst, usually an organotin compound, is added to facilitate the reaction.


Adding polymer compounds: After the catalyst is added, diisocyanate (MDI) is added to the reactor and reacts with raw materials such as polyether diol and polyether triol to form polyether MDI prepolymer.

Adjusting the reaction conditions: The reaction conditions need to be adjusted to ensure the quality and stability of the prepolymer. This may include controlling the reaction temperature, adding reaction inhibitors, etc.

Filtration and refining: To remove unreacted feedstock and impurities, the reaction mixture usually needs to be refined by passing it through a filter or distiller.

Adjustment of properties: The properties of the prepolymer can be adjusted by controlling the ratio of raw materials and reaction conditions. For example, adjusting the ratio of polyether diol to polyether triol can change the molecular weight and hydrophilicity of the prepolymer.

Packaging and storage: Finally, the prepolymer is packed into sealed containers and stored in a dry environment to ensure its quality and stability.

The above is the basic process of polyether MDI prepolymer production, the specific production process may vary depending on the manufacturer and product type.

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