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1,6-Hexanediol (HDO)

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Characteristics and Market Applications


1,6-hexanediol (HDO), molecular formula C6H14O2, relative molecular weight 118.17, melting point 42 ℃, boiling point 250 ℃, at room temperature is a white solid or white flakes, easily soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, butyl acetate, slightly soluble in ether, etc., insoluble in toluene.HDO has two hydroxyl groups located at the ends of the carbon chain, with high activity.

Downstream applications

1、Polyurethane field#

The polyester polyol synthesized by HDO can be used to synthesize polyurethane slurry, shoe sole stock, TPU and other products, which can give the products excellent mechanical properties and hydrolysis resistance, and is very suitable for medium and high-end products and products with special performance requirements.HDO can also modify other grades of polyester polyol, such as the addition of part of HDO to the polyester polyol of the BDO grade, which can improve the TPU/polyurethane's hydrolysis resistance and mechanical properties. In addition, HDO can also be used as a chain extender for the synthesis of TPU, etc. TPU synthesised with HDO as a chain extender has the best overall mechanical properties compared to other diols.HDO is also one of the main raw materials for the production of special polyester polyols - polycarbonate diol (PCDL), which can be used to synthesise TPU or polyurethane with relatively high performance requirements. PCDL can be used to synthesise TPU or polyurethane with high performance requirements. In addition, the direct chemical reaction between HDO and diisocyanates produces linear polyurethanes, which are used in the manufacture of different types of mouldings, films, synthetic fibres etc.

2. Polyester field#

HDO is involved in the synthesis of polyesters with high tensile strength, high elasticity and excellent solvent type and swelling resistance, especially suitable for photo sheet base.HDO's polyester type polymers can be used as adhesive fibres for non-woven composites and other moulded products, and also for the production of polycarbonate.HDO can also be used to improve unsaturated polyester resins. Since HDO unsaturated polyester carbon chains are more difficult to hydrolyse than those of unsaturated polyesters with other short-chain alcohols (e.g. ethylene glycol) and are more flexible, it improves the alkali resistance of the resin and its adhesion to glass fibres.

3、Light curing monomer field#

HDO reacts with acrylic acid to form 1,6-hexanediol diacrylate (HDDA), which has excellent properties such as fast curing speed, high resistance, low viscosity, low volatility, and strong hydrolysis resistance compared with other bifunctional monomers.

4、Epoxy resin diluent field##

1,6-hexanediol diglycidyl ether generated by the reaction between HDO and epichlorohydrin is a kind of water-soluble active diluent with bifunctional group, toughness-enhancing active diluent, which can significantly reduce the viscosity of epoxy resin, and has little toxicity and skin irritation, so it is an excellent diluent.

5、Other fields#

HDO can also be used in pharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetics and other fields.

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