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Oil Drilling Grade Xanthan Gum

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Oil Drilling Grade Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum a big market is the oil industry. At present, oilfield chemicals are mainly polyacrylamide, CMC, modified starch, etc., resulting in high drilling costs and low oil production rate. Xanthan gum in viscosity, thickening, salt resistance, anti-pollution ability is far stronger than other polymers, especially in the ocean, beach, high halocarbon layer and permafrost drilling, xanthan gum for mud treatment, completion fluids and three times the oil recovery and other aspects of good results, to speed up the drilling speed, to prevent well collapse, to protect the oil and gas fields, to prevent well blowout, significantly improve oil recovery rate and other aspects have obvious effects. The product has a very good development prospect as an ideal additive.

oil drilling grade xanthan gum

1. Drilling industry

Drilling fluid is the operating fluid used in the drilling process, and plays an important role in the drilling process. It can be used as a liquid to transfer power when using turbine drilling tools. Xanthan gum is one of its main components, and its function is to increase viscosity and shear force and improve the suspension ability of drilling fluid, which is indispensable for drilling fluid to exercise its function.

2. Oil recovery industry

Among the various methods to improve the recovery rate, polymer oil drive plays an important role. The role of polymer is to regulate the rheology of water injection, increase the viscosity of the driving fluid, and improve the efficiency of water drive wave. They reduce the permeability of the water phase of the formation and allow water and oil to flow forward at a uniform rate. These polymers must have excellent viscosity building properties under reservoir conditions, and must have high viscosity retention under the action of temperature, pressure and salt. Since xanthan gum solution has good viscosity building, rheology, water solubility, chemical stability, and strong mechanical resistance to degradation, it can be used as a replacement agent for oilfield extraction. Compared with general hydrolysis polyacrylamide, its physical and chemical properties are stable, simple processing, good oil repellent effect, low manufacturing cost, and because of its good anti-shear degradation ability, it can selectively flow in the formation and has better oil repellent effect, so it has been gradually applied to oilfield mining as a repellent agent to improve oilfield recovery or chemical dissection agent to improve mining effect.Physical simulation experiments further demonstrate that xanthan gum has the effect of improving oil recovery and is a good performance replacement agent for oilfield extraction. After the completion of primary and secondary oil recovery by conventional methods, more than 50% of the oil remains in the rock and cannot be recovered. Based on the economic and energy considerations, people pay more and more attention to improve the oil recovery rate, and the process of injecting water into the oil formation is used for secondary oil recovery, but the relative fluidity of the injection fluid and the viscous crude oil still leaves a large amount of dead oil in the well. If polymers with thickening properties are added to the injection fluid, both the mobility of the water can be reduced and thus the oil recovery rate can be improved. Many types of polymers can be used as flow control agents for oil recovery, among which xanthan gum is considered to be the more promising one. Xanthan gum has many of the basic requirements necessary to improve oil recovery.

3. Fracturing fluid industry

Xanthan gum is also used in fracturing fluids, mainly as a thickening agent for water-based fracturing fluids, and has the function of reducing friction.

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