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xanthan gum substitute

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  • [Main Products] Is Xanthan Gum Healthy Or Harmful?


    You probably haven't heard of the food ingredient xanthan gum, yet you probably eat it multiple times every week. Many individuals are worried about its safety because it is included in many industrial items and has been linked to digestive and respiratory issues. However, xanthan gum is deemed safe Read More
  • [Main Products] Why Do We Use Xanthan Gum in Gluten-free Baking?


    Making fresh iterations of classic recipes that retain the original flavor and texture is one of the toughest aspects of gluten-free baking. Therefore, while utilizing gluten-free flour in our baking, we must find a way to mimic the binding properties of gluten without really employing it.Many of ou Read More
  • [Main Products] How Do I Use Xanthan Gum When Gluten-Free Baking?


    You have undoubtedly seen xanthan gum listed as an ingredient in one or two gluten-free baking recipes. It's possible that you weren't quite sure what it was doing in your recipe. So, we'll introduce ourselves to you in this essay.Since xanthan gum replaces and functions as gluten in recipes that ca Read More
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