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New Process Progress of Polyether Polyos

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New Process Progress of Polyether Polyos

In response to the demand for polyurethane products, various polyether polyol products have emerged one after another, of which environmentally friendly, flame retardant and bio-based polyether polyols are the main representatives.

At present, the development of environmentally friendly PU series products is receiving more and more attention. As the transitional blowing agent HCFC-141b is replaced, the research of the third generation blowing agent is getting deeper and deeper, and the HFC-type blowing agent represented by HFC-245fa and HFC-365mfa is the most ideal substitute for HCFC-141b at present. The corresponding HFC-245fa polyether polyol for polyurethane hard foam is also called the development focus of research institutions. The main domestic research and development enterprises and research institutes include enterprises such as Shandong Dongda Group and research institutes such as Jiangsu Provincial Chemical Research Institute and Liming Chemical Research Institute. Representative research directions include the adaptation of CFC to replace polyurethane soft foam physical blowing agent, the replacement of hard foam physical blowing agent, all-water foaming process, water-based polyurethane and the development of some functional PU

The research of low unsaturation, high relative molecular mass polyether polyol and flame retardant polyether polyol is also the focus of development in recent years. A number of enterprises research and development of low unsaturated polyether polyol has a narrow relative molecular mass distribution and a long molecular chain, can make PU products of resilience, tear strength and elongation have a greater degree of improvement. Specifically: (1) low unsaturated polyether polyol used in PU products, with a formula tolerance equivalent to general polyether, suitable for the production of high-quality polyurethane soft foam; (2) low unsaturated polyether polyol used in the production of PU foam density applicable to a wide range; (3) low unsaturated polyether polyol and general polyether polyol blended in proportion to give PU products better performance; (4) low unsaturated polyether polyol is particularly suitable for PU-CASE products, in the application of ultra-soft and ultra-soft foam products still need to increase the development of technology.

Bio-based polyether polyols

Bio-based polyether polyols are also a hot area for the development of polyether polyol products. There are many raw materials for the synthesis of bio-based polyether polyols, and the most successful synthesis of bio-based polyether polyols has been reported using inexpensive vegetable oils as raw materials. The technology of producing polyether polyol from vegetable oil has achieved industrial scale production, and the capacity of the plant has reached the level of 10,000 tons, and the products have gradually formed a system. The synthesized vegetable oil-based polyether polyol can replace petroleum-based polyether polyol and is widely used in polyurethane insulation materials, PU binders, PU elastomers, PU plastic runways, etc. The plant of vegetable oil-based polyether polyol has entered the stage of large-scale production, and the products have been accepted by the majority of polyurethane users. The products have been used in refrigerator insulation, sheet casting, solar water heater and pipe casting, and the customers have responded well.

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