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Uses of Dipropylene Glycol

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Dipropylene glycol is an important chemical that can be classified according to its function as Dipropylene glycol Industrial Grade, Dipropylene glycol Pharmaceutical Grade and DPG fragrance grade.

There are many uses of dipropylene glycol:

(1) Dipropylene glycol is the ideal solvent for many flavour and fragrance and cosmetic applications. This raw material has excellent water, oil and hydrocarbon miscibility, mild odour, minimal skin irritation, low toxicity, uniform isomeric distribution and excellent quality.

(2) Dipropylene glycol can also be used as a coupling agent and humectant in many different cosmetic applications. In perfumery, the proportion of dipropylene glycol used is more than 50%; in some other applications, the proportion of dipropylene glycol used is generally within 10% by weight. Some specific product applications include: hair curling lotions, skin cleansers (cold creams, shower gels, body washes and skin lotions) deodorants, face, hand and body skin care products, moisturising skin care products and lip balms.

(3) Dipropylene glycol also has a place in unsaturated and saturated resins. It produces resins with superior softness, resistance to cracking and weathering. The long-term yellowing resistance of the products is trustworthy.

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