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Role of Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder

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What are the functions of polyvinyl alcohol powder? What applications can it be used in?

Product application:

   1. Grey calcium-based putty: A very small amount of addition can significantly improve the cohesion strength, adhesion, water resistance of the putty coating, reduce the amount of grey calcium powder, significantly improve the phenomenon of delamination and scarring during sanding. Improve the fineness of the surface of putty after sanding.

   2. In cement-based exterior wall putty: it can improve the speed of cement solidification, improve the early strength of putty, good film-forming property, excellent durability, and it is not easy to take off the powder when batch thinning.

   3. Polishing putty (imitation porcelain coating): it can improve the surface film-forming properties, so that the coating surface is more dense, high hardness, bright, more resistant to scrubbing. A tonne of only one kilogram can be added to receive the obvious effect.

4. Neutral putty for interior wall: add 6kg of PVA powder and appropriate amount of cellulose (hydroxypropyl, carboxymethyl can be used) in one ton of heavy calcium to get the quality far better than starch and 821 types of ordinary putty powder, the hardness of this putty is between the grey calcium-based putty and starch putty in the middle of excellent scratching, the two kinds of putty is far less than the adhesion, flexibility, sanding finesse, durability. If with gypsum powder and slow-setting technology can get more high-grade excellent home furnishing putty powder. This kind of putty powder has long service life and good decorative effect, which will become the development direction of putty industry in the future.

   5. In the instant glue powder, it is the main binder, with the appropriate amount of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, supplemented by the appropriate amount of thickening and complexing additives, that can be convenient and environmentally friendly, high bonding strength, that can be mixed with cement gypsum to do the levelling of the wet wall, but also a separate batch of double-fly powder does not come off the powder of high-performance glue powder.

   6. In dry mortar, PVA1788 powder has good film-making property, it can improve the flexibility and water retention of all kinds of cement mortar and gypsum building materials with cellulose ether water-retaining agent, improve the bonding strength of mortar, and effectively prevent flaking, cracking and drumming.

   Other applications: thin-layer adhesive, flexible adhesive, mineral plaster, cement additive, PVC emulsion, rewetting adhesive, service paste, cosmetics, screen photographic film, cement additive, coated agent for coated paper, zinc plate printing photographic film, sizing agent for long-fibre yarns, rewetting adhesive for PVC emulsion, additive for oil-well cement.

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