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propylene glycol in food

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  • Is it Safe to Use Propylene Glycol in Food?


    Propylene glycol is a chemical that finds widespread application in the cosmetics and food industries alike. For instance, it is a component that can be found in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products. In addition, it is an additive that is utilized in a variety of culinary products. Read More
  • What is propylene glycol in food? Is it safe?


    What is propylene glycol? Why is propylene glycol added to many food products, such as cupcakes, in our daily life? Can long-term consumption of this substance really cause kidney diseases? Widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics Propylene glycol is a kind of food additive, which can play the ro Read More
  • A kind of allergen—propylene glycol


    An annual competition sponsored by the American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) yields prizes akin to the movie industry's Rotten Tomatoes award. The allergen of the year is announced. This year's winner is a substance found in several meals, pharmaceuticals, topical skin care items, and cosmetics Read More
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