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Neopentyl glycol production

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There are three main schools of production of Neopentyl Glycol.

Internationally, there are three main schools of Neopentyl Glycol production, of which the disproportionation process (methanol method) is unique to China.

Domestic producers of Neopentyl Glycol have basically become a three-pronged situation, broadly divided into three schools:

Hydrogenation process: Jihua BASF.

Disproportionation process (methanol method): Methanol process represented by Shandong Research Institute of Chemical Industry, which is the latest disproportionation improvement process.

Disproportionation process (water-soluble method): water-soluble process represented by Fufeng Persto.


(1) Hydrogenation process has the advantages of short process, high yield, high purity and low cost. Disadvantages: hydrogenation process has large investment, high requirements for external environment and high product price. At present, in the domestic market, there are many NPGs with hydrogenation process, such as BSF, South Korea LG, Japan Mitsubishi, Eastman and so on. Among them, BSF and Korea LG are competing fiercely in the market of Neopentyl Glycol.

(2) Disproportionation process (methanol method) overcomes the disadvantage of large investment, the quality is far above the national standard, and the price of the product is low, so the cost performance is relatively high in many industries. Disadvantages: low purity compared with hydrogenation process. The sodium formate of this process is a highlight. Pure white colour, less impurities, dry basis content of more than 99%, and not easy to caking, the quality is better than the synthetic method and pentaerythritol by-products. In the international market, the sodium formate of this process is unique.

(3) Disproportionation process (water-soluble method) is also not a big investment, the quality and methanol method is almost the same, just more prone to caking. The by-product sodium formate is more different from the methanol method, with a dark grey or grey colour and low purity, and its main selling point is that it can extract neopentyl glycol from it.

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