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BASF More high-end polyurethane products projects to be landed in China

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During the 2023 chinaplas held in Shenzhen, BASF Greater China Chairman and President Lou Jianfeng said in an interview that he continues to be optimistic about the development opportunities in the Chinese market and will continue to increase the layout of investment in the Chinese market.


Sales in China account for only 13% of its global sales

In recent years, Bath's sales in Greater China have grown steadily to more than 11.6 billion euros in 2022, said Jianfeng Lou. "During the epidemic prevention and control period, although the supply chain was somewhat affected, we basically lost nothing in terms of production capacity." Lou Jianfeng said BASF has a strong resilience and a very broad product range, with 80% of its products sold in China being produced locally. Even during the epidemic prevention and control period, BASF still insisted on innovation and sustainable development, "Some of the electric vehicle solutions shown at this exhibition, a lot of the work was done during the epidemic prevention and control period, so as soon as the market demand resumed, our supply could immediately keep up."

He noted that while BASF had high sales in China last year, the figure represented only 13 percent of its global sales, "I think our efforts in China are still not enough, and we can do more."

Thermoplastic polyurethane plant will be put into operation in the second half of the year

The BASF Zhanjiang integration site with a total investment of 10 billion euros is still under construction. The project's thermoplastic polyurethane plant will be commissioned in the second half of this year. Together with the plant for the production of modified engineering plastics, BASF will be able to meet growing customer demand in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in the automotive, electronics and electric vehicle industries. Jianfeng Lou revealed that there are many other high value-added high-end projects that will be coming on stream across China.

BASF has announced more than 50 polyphthalamide (PPA) compounds for customers in China and Asia Pacific starting in the second quarter of 2023 to support market demand for lightweight, high-performance plastic components in the automotive industry, electrical and electronics (E&E), and mechanical engineering and smart consumer goods.

Products exhibited at 2023chinaplas


At Chinaplas, BASF introduced its BMB-certified grades, including Ultramid® polyamide (PA), Ultraform® polyformaldehyde (POM), polyether polyol Lupraphen, Elastopan® polyurethane (PU), Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethane ( TPU).

These certified grades complement the Ultraform Biomass Balance grades that will be introduced in October 2022. Ultraform biomass-balanced solutions reduce the product carbon footprint (PCF) by approximately 70% compared to conventional grades.

BASF also announced that it will establish a modified production capacity for the certified compostable biopolymer ecovio® in Shanghai, China. ecovio®, a BASF biopolymer, is certified as compostable by DIN EN 13432 and other standards. It is a blend of BASF PBATecoflex® and renewable raw materials. ecovio® is typically used in applications such as organic garbage bags, cling film, fruit and vegetable bags, as well as agricultural films and food packaging.


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